Waterlining, Tightlining, and French Lining OH MY!

Where & Why:

Maybe you’ve heard of this, maybe you haven’t. There are a few names for it, but it’s all basically the same thing.

You all know that eyeliner gets drawn on top of your eyelash line. Directly on your eyelid. Waterlining is when you draw the eyeliner on the skin UNDERNEATH your lashes. Your first reaction might be, what the hell are you talking about? There isn’t any skin there! Take a minute, look in the mirror. Take your finger, place it on your eyelid, and lift it up a bit. You will see a tiny, little sliver of skin underneath. You can actually apply liner there! Not only there, but you can also apply liner to the skin above your lower lash line. I know, you’re probably thinking, how could that make a difference. Trust me, it does.
Applying liner below the upper lashline is called tightlining, it makes your lashes look even thicker. You can apply it just to your waterline, or you can apply it to the waterline AND put eyeliner on you eyelid as well to maximize the effect.

Putting eyeliner on your above your lower lashline is called waterlining. This is a much harsher look. It looks great when doing a smoky eye. BE WARNED, however, this will make your eyes look smaller. If you have small eyes, you might want to skip this. Although, you can waterline your lower waterline using white liner. This will make small eyes look bigger, and tired eyes look more awake.

French lining is just another term for this. Same concept, though. No big deal!

What & How:

You can use a pencil or gel/cream liner. Liquid liners won’t work. They’re too, well, liquid! They won’t stay on your slippery waterline. Whatever formula you do use, it absolutely 100% needs to be WATERPROOF. Your waterline is a sensitive area that gets moist from your tears. The pencil or gel/cream you use needs ot be waterproof, or it will slide right off. To help it stay, you can also dip an angled brush in an eyeshadow that’s the same color as your liner, and put a little powder over the liner on your waterline. Press, don’t drag the powder onto your waterline. If you drag it along your waterline, it will pull off the liner you just drew on. Just don’t use too much powder, or you’ll find flecks of it in your eye (gross!) and underneath your eye on your cheek. Not good!

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