The DipBrow Roadblock: Can’t Find Your Shade?


If you’re a beauty junkie, chances are you’ve already heard of DipBrow by Anastasia Beverly Hills. If not, have no fear. DipBrow is a new eyebrow pomade (it looks like a cream liner) from Anastasia. They’re great for filling in extra sparse brows, staying put on those of us with oily skin, and not budging if you want your brow to stay on during a tough workout!

DipBrow is great and very well priced. The $18 pot could easily last you a few YEARS! The only problem right now is that three of its shades won’t be available until next fall. The current shades offered are great for natural blondes, dark brunettes, redheads, or the raven-haired. If you have light brown or dark blonde eyebrows, however, you’re out of luck. The colors Medium Brown, Soft Brown, and Taupe won’t be hitting shelves for a while. So what are those of us to do if we want to switch to a brow pomade, but aren’t willing to look like Grouch Marx and get the wrong color?
spd_20121226215614_bI suggests Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Brow. It only comes in six shades, but it does contain a couple options that will work for those of us with hair lighter than dark brown but not quite light enough to go for the DipBrow Blonde. Instead of a pot, AquaBrow comes in a small tube. Thus, be careful not to squeeze out too much from the tube. It goes on a little differently than the DipBrow, seeing as it starts out as a creamy-gel and not a paste like DipBrow. It will have the same ultimate appearance and lasting power, however. For those of you committed to trying the DipBrow, this should e able to get you through the months until your DipBrow shade launches. Hang in there!

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