Double Cleansing: Why Everyone Should Be Doing it!

Double cleansing. Heard of it? Yes, no, maybe so?

It’s nothing fancy. In fact, it’s literally exactly what it sounds like. Washing your face not just once but twice.

You might be thinking, why would I need to clean my face if I just cleaned it?

This is more for the ladies in the house who wear makeup. If you slather on some makeup remover and scrub with your cleaning device of choice, chances are you’re not going to be removing every trace of makeup. Not to mention, scrubbing your face with all your makeup on will deposit makeup on your cleansing tool. This will increase the amount of bacteria residing in your tool. This can lead to breakouts, less effective cleansing, and enlarged pores.

Basically, wash your face with your hands and a makeup-removing facewash. This will remove a majority of your surface makeup. Once you’ve rinsed your face, now slather on more makeup-removing facewash and proceed to deep clean your face with your device of choice.

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 10.24.25 PM

Now your cleansing tool can get closer to your skin and dislodge the finer particles of makeup still trapped there. This way, you’re getting a deeper clean that will allow your serums, toners, and moisturizers to penetrate and work more effectively.

Double cleansing is appropriate for all skin types. On days you aren’t wearing makeup, feel free to just “single cleanse” (I mean, should that be a term now? I’ll make it one. BAM trademarked! Haha). Double cleansing is all about removing makeup, sunscreen, or other stubborn products that might not easily wash off at the end of the day.

Pro Tip: Use a cleansing oil as your first cleansing facewash. Oils can break through tough, waterproof makeup and silicone-based primers. So it will really help clear away a lot of that gunk. Just make sure to spread it over a DRY face, rub it in, add some water, and wash it all off.

Go ahead, girl, get cleansing!

2 thoughts on “Double Cleansing: Why Everyone Should Be Doing it!

    1. Exactly! I was considering them, but the second I heard “no oil, ever”… no way, man. Your skin is way more important! Hopefully they’ll develop a glue that won’t be affected by oil, so we can have the best of both worlds 🙂


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