REVIEW: Fresh’s Sugar Lip Treatments, One Caveat You Should Know

Almost everyone has heard of Fresh’s Sugar Lip Treatment. It comes in a splendorous array of colors, ranging from a kiss of tint to bright, bold hues. They feel like butter on your lips and shield your delicate pout from the harsh rays of the sun. Let’s just say, there’s a reason these babies fly off the shelves.


There is, however, a word of caution I want to get out there for those who have not yet experienced this disheartening dilemma: The Sugar Lip Treatments melt like a popsicle in summer if you put them in your pocket or carry them around on a warm day.

Being a lip balm addict, I always have one in my pocket. Sadly, when I carried my very first Lip Treatment in my pocket and went to apply it, half the tube came off on my face. Super sexy.

My very own body had betrayed me, and my body warmth melted my precious Lip Treatment. Le sigh. It’s not that I don’t love these, but I do wish they weren’t so thermally-challenged.

When I worked at Sephora, I remember having clients come in with melted product, thinking they’d gotten a bad batch. Sadly, no. Perhaps it’s just the trade-off for the sumptuous hydration and gorgeous color. Guess we can’t have it all. Merp.

If they melt, they’re not done for. Just get them out of the heat and DON’T TOUCH THEM. They should resolidify, albeit with a slightly less-than-attractive shape. So, ladies and gents, be sure to baby these lip balms if you’re going to drop the $22.50 on one. Don’t put it in your pocket, and leave it at home for any fun-in-the-sun, beach days. Although, the northeast is freezing and buried in snow right now, so this might be less of a concern at the current juncture.
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