5 Times Millennials Influenced Beauty

Everyone throws around that term millennial like it’s candy falling from a piñata. Millennial this and millennial that. You might be sick of it, even if you yourself ARE a millennial. Particularly because millenials sometimes get a bad rap.

Anyone aged 18 to 34 years old is considered a member of this “millennial” generation, and we’re (yep, you guys are my bretheren) typically blamed for being easily-distracted, technology-dependent, and oversharing on social media. Insert sad-face emoji here.

Jennifer-Lawrence-Sad-Facegif courtesy of gifrific.com

It’s okay, millennials. Gen X, Y, and the baby boomers have their faults too. Don’t you worry. One thing we can boast, however, is how the needs of our generation are influencing the entire beauty industry. We’ve expressed that we’re not entirely, 100% satisfied with what’s out there on the market, and makeup and skincare companies have taken note. I mean, with an estimated 75.3 million of us outnumbering the 74.9 million baby boomers out there, how could they not?!

Here are 10 pieces of evidence that us show how us millennials are taking the helm and steering beauty in our direction. ONWARD!


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The natural-based, earthy brand Origins released their newest product this winter. It’s a serum called Original Skin. They actually made the product’s tag line in the form of hashtag. #QuarterLifeCrisis.

origins-skin-crisis-1Photo courtesy of origins.com

Not only the does the hashtag call out to all Tweeters, ‘grammers (that’s Instagrammers for those of you who don’t have a predilection for posting pics of your food), and Facebookers out there, the content of the hashtag directly calls on us millennials. With more of us growing up more health-conscious and witnessing the skin woes of our parents, we’re looking to take care of out skin and repair damage before it can lead to wrinkles, liver spots, and the like. We’re out of the acne stage but not exactly in need of those intense (and might I add pricey) wrinkle-fighters. This serum contains Chestnut Seed Extract, Willowherb, and Algae to refine skin texture, banish dullness, and shrink pores. At only $49, it’s definitely more affordable than some of the super-duper, too-harsh-for-millennials, wrinkle-blasting serums

Any BB, CC, or DD Cream

BB, CC, DD Creams

Source photos courtesy of each company’s respective website

This isn’t brand specific, because almost every brand out there has now created some kind of BB, CC, or, yes, even a DD cream. These are all basically like tinted moisturizers on steroids. They all offer a range of coverage from sheer to medium, plus skincare benefits like vitamins, antioxidants, and sunscreen. These Korean imports took off because it offers one-stop-shopping for younger women recovering from acne scars and looking to protect their faces from pollution and the sun’s wrinkling rays. It’s quick and easy, doesn’t require a brush or sponge, and touts ingredients that will help repair and shield skin from environmental irritants. Talk about a multi-tasker. I don’t believe that these guys would have taken off like they have if the millennial generation wasn’t around to support it. We’re always on the go, and this product gives us what we need instantly. And you know we’re all about that instant gratification!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPhoto courtesy of nudestix.com

These little babies look rather unassuming, but they are beloved by makeup artists and gals on the go (did I just say gals?). These sleek, little sticks have formulas for everything from concealer, cheek and lip color, eyeshadow, makeup correction, and even blemish treatment! This line was inspired by the two teenage daughters of NUDESTIX’s creator, a chemical engineer. She saw that her millennial daughters wanted makeup that was quick, fool-proof, and portable. Whether women are running to class, work, or the gym, NUDESTIX are great for the busy women of this generation.

Long-Wear, Matte Lip Formulas

I’m a huge fan of the matte lip. It looks chic and doesn’t bleed or wear off like shiny, moisturizing lip formulas can do. Have you noticed that the variety of options for matte lip colors has gone off the charts recently?

Matte Lip ColorsSource photos courtesy of each company’s respective website

Think about it. Yes, these formulas are cool and different from the sparkly lip glosses of our youth, but why matte? Matte inherently offers a longer wear. Millennials are way too busy to be toting our lip color around and reapplying it every five minutes. Ain’t nobody got time for that! Makeup makers have noticed this rise in popularity and have decided to meet the demand with newer, more innovative, longer-wearing formulas to appease the desires of millenials abound. With a wide array of colors and formats of matte lip colors, teenagers, 20-somethings, and those in their early 30’s have a smorgasbord from which to paint our pout.

tumblr_mdpgid4ooM1ra5s3ngif courtesy of 2cosmetics.com

Stowaway Cosmetics

SW_Lineup_110314_01Photo courtesy of stowawaycosmetics.com

I’ve written about this brand before in When You Want Less. This brand is so innovative, mainly because of how simple their concept is. Pay less, waste less. Most makeup products out there are giant sizes that typically expire before you can even finish them. I don’t know about you, but I’ll love a lip color, but soon realize that I’d have to wear it every day for six months straight until I’d even get close to finishing the tube. Who does that? Stowaway Cosmetics is getting so much buzz, because they’re addressing the needs of the millennial generation. We aren’t quite making the big bucks yet, as most of us are in college or just starting our careers. We’d like to not have to waste tons of money on products that are too large and inconvenient to carry around with us during our busy days. These bite-sized beauties allow you to save money while still getting exactly what you need. And who doesn’t love cute mini things?

Teacup-Maltese-puppy-is-so-cutePhoto courtesy of pinkbluelovescute.com

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