Wake & Bake: “Baking” Your Concealer

Baking. Nope, there are no cookies, cakes, or blunts involved. Baking is the new/old makeup technique that’s being thrown around, because, clearly, strobing is sooo yesterday *hair flip*. It’s new for the general public, but it’s been a technique used by drag queens and other stage performers for a solid chunk of time.

The concept of baking allows for your concealer to appear more opaque and, primarily, stay put way longer than if you didn’t “bake.” The claim is that if you wake and bake, you’ll look bright-eyed and bushy-tailed ’til cocktails (or your Netflix binge after a long day).

gif courtesy of theodysseyonline.com

You begin by applying on your concealer to your undereye area (or anywhere else for that matter). Gently pat it in, and blend it out with a brush or your fingers. Whatever you normally do. Then, you use a makeup sponge to cake on pressed powder. That powder can be tinted to your skin tone or white/clear. This process involves using a lot of powder, though, so it’s way easier (allegedly) if you use pressed powder.

Pack that stuff on to the point where you look ridiculous. (Note: You should not plan to go in public or have anyone “special” around when baking. You will, I repeat, WILL get made fun of. Judge-y, bastards). Let is sit for several minutes, even up to 20 minutes. Once you’re done baking, use a clean makeup brush to wipe away all the excess powder, and SHABAM! Concealer that’ll last through the apocalypse.

gif courtesy of tumblr.com

Problem: It definitely looks dry and will typically cake up as time goes on. If you have any creases, lines, or wrinkles under your eyes, baking is not for you. If you like the natural look, baking is not for you. If you rub your eyes a lot, baking is not for you… and makeup in general is going to be tough for you, eye-rubbers, but I digress.

gif courtesy of memeguy.com

My impressions? Baking is a nice thought that I desperately wished would work, but, alas, the holy grail this is not. Think about it, people. This is a concept devised by individuals who don’t mind if it looks like they’re wearing makeup. They’re drag queens. They have more confidence than Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj, and Katy Perry combined (wow, that actually sounds like a great reality show concept). If you’re going to the office or out to dinner, baking is likely going to appear too artificial and Kardashian for you (also ladies with more confidence than most people should possess).

gif courtesy of bustie.com

So it’s probably best if you save the baking for the kitchen, ladies & gents. Now I’m gonna go whip up some brownies!

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