For the Love of Liquid Lipstick

If you follow any beauty Insta’s or have been hittin’ the beauty counters hard lately, you may have noticed that liquid lipsticks (particularly matte ones) are URRRWHERE (Translation: everywhere). What makes each different? Which is best? Which Spice Girl am I really? These are some the unanswered questions many of you have, and I’m here help.

I’m Posh Spice, btw.

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While it’s not clear who really kicked off this formula trend, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics created, in my opinion, one of the most intensely pigmented, kick-ass liquid lipsticks out there.

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You know how John Mayer said that Jessica Simpson was sexual NAPALM? Well, OCC’s Lip Tar is like cosmetic NAPALM. I mean, just read the name: TAR. Gorgeous, addictive, and eternally-lip-staining. Like, dear god if you mess up while putting it on. But we love it anyway.

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In fact, OCC just released their new Lip Tar packaging! It’s name even changed, slightly. It’s now called Lip Tar RTW (for Ready to Wear). No more must we mere mortals struggle with the messy squeeze-tube and lip brush (although, this was nice and hygienic if you were a makeup artist. Womp). Take a look at the snazzy new tube and doe-foot applicator now available at OCC and Nordstrom.

OCC isn’t the only brand that makes these long-lasting lippies, however. Luxury, drugstore, and indie beauty brands have been jumping on the bandwagon with some stunning results!

It might seem overwhelming at first. Tbh, though, it’s really wonderful that there are so many options. You might find some formulas last longer, feel more drying, or don’t have the exact shade you want. So you don’t have to spend hours figuring this shizz out, here’s the rundown of all the most popular, talked-about, liquid lipsticks out there on the market today. This list is here for you to peruse, try, and participate in this hip and happening trend (P.S. I meant that last part to read ironically, not like, I’m a ‘cool mom’).

Anastasia Beverly Hills

This is probably the BIGGEST liquid lipstick out there right now. Anastasia’s Liquid Lipstick is matte, long-lasting, and comes in tons of colors (and she just released 9 new shades!). Check out literally any beauty blogger or makeup artist’s Instagram, and you’re guaranteed to see a post about these. We’re all kind of obsessed. At $20 a pop, they’re also not as overpriced as they totally could be. I finally got my hands on one, and I love the way it looks and feels. It lasted hours through my constant drinking (it was tea, people) and snacking. Definitely going to be investing some of my next paycheck on more of these babies. Sorry, student loans!

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I’m totally kidding. Don’t do that.

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Price: $20
Finish: Matte
Shades: 24

NYX Cosmetics

A cult favorite, this is like the OG of drugstore, matte, liquid lipsticks. Their Soft Matte Lip Cream is only $6, which lets you experiment with this trend without breaking the bank. With 22 colors, you’ll definitely find at least one that works for you. If that doesn’t satisfy you, they also just released their Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick, which is basically the same thing, but with some new colors that offer a few more daring options. Those add an extra 12 shades to the mix. My review? I actually found the Soft Matte to be a bit translucent (have yet to try toe Suede version yet). If you’re used to ultra-pigmented, matte formulas, this will be a bit different. It might be just what you were looking for. Just be prepared that it’s not identical to the other liquid lipsticks you might be used to.

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Price: $6 (soft matte), $7 (suede)
Finish: Matte
Shades: 22 (soft matte), 12 (suede)

Kat Von D

If you’re a badass bitch that wants a lip as intense as her personality, Kat Von D’s Everlasting Liquid Lipstick. It’s ultra-matte, and apparently fairly drying; however, not so much so that it keeps the things from flying off the shelves. She released 9 new shades a couple of months ago. Apparently, they’re supposed to feel rather drying… but a BADASS BITCH don’t complain about that! Or so I’ve heard.

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Price: $20
Finish: Matte
Shades: 28


Stila’s Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks aren’t great in number, don’t have the best reputation for long wear, and are one of the more expensive liquid lipsticks available. Hashtag sadface. If you find they work for you, however, and you like one of the 15 shades… then go for it, gurrl. They did just revamp the packaging, which might appeal to you. I’m personally not a fan of yellow-gold packaging and like my gold strictly in Betty White form.

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Price: $24
Finish: Matte
Shades: 15


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Dior’s Addict Fluid Stick is unlike the rest, because it’s super glossy and doesn’t come in a matte formula. First off, their packaging is gorgeous. It comes in this little acrylic tube that makes it look like a stick of lipstick, until you realize it’s just the liquid lipstick taking the shape of the bevel-cut lining inside the clear tube. So cool (and maybe worth the $35. Idk). These guys stay on fairly well, but obviously don’t have as much staying power as matte formulas. Such is life. One thing I will say (as I wear the formula now), it does bleed a fair amount. It’s not as terrible as you’d think, given it’s slippery formula, but it does bleed. Try wearing a waxy, clear lipliner around the OUTSIDE of your lips (yup, not on them) to help keep you lip color in place. It doesn’t too a whole hell of a lot, but it didn’t hurt either. Try Make Up For Ever’s Lip Line Perfector or No Bleeding Lips’ Secret Lip Liner. Also, the doe-foot applicator is great and make application really smooth and fairly easy.

Price: $35
Finish: Glossy
Shades: 19

Too Face Cosmetics

These are the same type of formulation as Dior’s Addict Fluid Stick, although I have yet to try these Melted Liquified Lipsticks (smh, I know. Bad beauty blogger! BAD!). Apparently they wear great and don’t dry out your lips. My only issue is that the applicator is a squeeze-tube with doe-foot-like, fuzzy, bevel-edged applicator on the end. I’m not a huge fan of these, because you’re kind of screwed if you accidentally squeeze out too much product. If you like the eternally-glossy look and hate reapplying lip gloss every 5 seconds of your life, then these might just be your godsend (plus, they’re cheaper than Dior. #SorryNotSorry #35DollarsIsRidic). They also offer 8 newer, metallic shades if you’re feeling really bold.

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Price: $21
Finish: Glossy
Shades: 19 original, 8 metallic

Instagram-Famous Brands to Note:

If you’re a true beauty addict or huge Insta lurker, you might have seen a few of these PLASTERED all over the Instagram accounts of beauty bloggers and makeup artist alike. If you’re not yet familiar or want to learn more, stay tuned for an article all about these babies!

These Instagram-famous brands have very limited distribution, being sold online and in a few brick and mortar stores (such as Ricky’s in NYC). They’re becoming so popular, however, that the NYC-beauty-depot, Ricky’s, is planning to open a shop strictly dedicated to selling Insta-famous brands. Yup, that’s actually happening. So here’s the rundown of the brands you might want to know about.

ColourPop Cosmetics

Ultra Matte Lip

Price: $6

Finish: Matte

Shades: 33

Dose of Color

Matte Lipstick

Price: $18

Finish: Matte

Shades: 6

Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Velour Liquid Lipstick

Price: $18

Finish: Matte

Shades: 15

Gerard Cosmetics

Hydra-Matte Liquid Lipstick

Price: $20

Finish: Matte

Shades: 3… I know, right? wtf.

LA Girl Cosmetics

Matte Pigment Gloss

Price: $5

Finish: Matte

Shades: 16

Coloured Raine

Matte Lip Paints

Price: $16.50

Finish: Matte

Shades: 17

Note: I’m NOT addressing the brand, Lime Crime, despite their popularity (which is waning, btw), due to their CEO’s shady business practices and recent warning from the FDA due to their use of unsafe ingredients. There are so many other brands out there (as evidenced by this epic-ly long post), so there’s no sense in mentioning a brand that’s not on the up and up. I’m not about that life.

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