‘Hashtag’: The Makeup Store for Instagram-Famous Brands

Instagram has made many makeup artists famous, and it has also given many boutique brands a platform to show off their products. As I mentioned in a previous post, the makeup and haircare retailer, Ricky’s NYC, was opening a new location in NYC that focuses on makeup brands featured by bloggers on Instagram. It’s finally open! I made the pilgrimage and wanted to share the magic with you!

Here it is! On the corner of Broadway and Broome St. in Greenwich Village. It’s not a ton of square footage, but, then again, does makeup really need all that much floor space? Also, there is a downstairs, but it only has random costumes and non-makeup items. We don’t go to places that don’t have makeup.

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Right when you walk in, you are immediately drawn to their wall of Morphe Brushes. With eyeshadow brushes starting at a mere $4, how can anyone resist? They also have a selection of their stunning shadow and concealer palettes.

IMG_4241The store is littered with shelves and stands dedicated to a multitude of brands you’ve undoubtedly seen on Instagram.

Here are the main brands offered at Ricky’s NYC ‘Hashtag’:

Gerard Cosmetics

This brand doesn’t offer a huge selection in store or on their online shop, but beauty bloggers abound are clamoring for their Hydra-Matte Liquid Lipstick (which only comes in 3 colors, by the way (located in the front, to the left of the traditional lipsticks). To reiterate my previous lamentations about this brand (see here) I just cannot get past this tacky, gold packaging. I don’t love gold in general, but some brands like YSL do it right. This one just looks like it’s cheap and about the flake off. Since they’re not cheap, and these liquid lipsticks come in at $20 a pop, I’m inclined to pass for now. #SorryNotSorry


Known for their whimsical style and fairy-like colors, Sugarpill only has a small display at Hashtag, but they certainly pack a fair selection of product in there. Pressed eyeshadows, loose eyeshadows, and a few brushes to boot. If you want crazy color for a moderate price (one pressed eyeshadow clocks in at $12), Sugarpill is a brand to explore.

L.A. Girl

The popularity of L.A. Girl is evident by the fact that they’re already available at most (if not all) Ricky’s NYC stores. At Hashtag, however, there’s almost every single product L.A. Girl makes. From their beloved HD Pro Conceal concealer for only $5, to their cult-favorite Matte Pigment Gloss for, yup, $5!

Another favorite is their Glazed Lip Paint, which is a great dupe for Too-Faced Cosmetics’ Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick. At a price of $4, compared to Too-Faced’s $21, it’s definitely worth a try!



Violet Voss

I’m only just becoming familiar with this brand, and its selection at Hashtag isn’t extensive but neither is their online selection. Their focus is on loose pigment shadows, a selection of which is on display at Hashtag. Check them out online to see their false lashes and nail polishes here.

Coloured Raine

This brand is also one that’s available at most Ricky’s NYC locations, but Hashtag offers up a greater selection (and a much nicer display!). Their hero SKU is their Matte Lip Paint. I don’t mind the bright pink cap on the lip paints, but the pink packaging of the traditional lipsticks is less than ideal. As I described in my previous article, I find that it looks like cheap, fake makeup you’d buy for a little girl at the toy store. For $16, I don’t want my lipstick to look like it’s for a 6-year-old. #Disappointed



Now, for the piece-de-resistence: NYX Cosmetics. Most Ricky’s have an already phenomenal selection of NYX products (which is way more extensive that any drugstore, btw), but Hashtag’s display is truly over-the-top. NYX is given its own wall towards the back of the store.

Multiple bays are devoted to NYX eyeliners, eyeshadows, lipsticks, concealers. You know the drill. If you’re interested in scoping out their Insta-famous products like Butter Gloss, Soft Matte Lip Cream, or Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick. If there’s any one reason you should go to Hashtag, it’s this jam-packed display.

Hashtag offers even much more, and these are the big beauties you should check out on your trip to one of the coolest, most culturally-relevant beauty shops around. Ricky’s NYC provides you a way to touch, see, and try all of the products you’d only previously been able to view on your Instagram feed.

2 thoughts on “‘Hashtag’: The Makeup Store for Instagram-Famous Brands

  1. What a neat concept! I’d be all over that store like white on rice! Honestly, it’s difficult for me to track down all of the online hyped up products and I much prefer doing a one stop shopping PLUS, I prefer touching and seeing products in person. Now… if only I lived in NYC! 😛 Cute store name too.


    1. Ya, I totally agree. It’s so hard to tell what the exact color of the product you’re buying is going to look like when it’s just an image online. It’ll look different on your laptop screen, versus your phone screen, versus a tablet. It’s nuts. Plus, you get to try the formulas and play around! If you’re ever in NYC definitely check it out!

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