REVIEW: Tarte’s Tartelette Tease Palette

Let me start off by saying that I have been IN LOVE with Tarte’s Tartelette Collection since I first laid eyes on the OG Tartelette palette.

607Photo courtesy of

Not only were the colors some of my faves (and clearly everyone else’s too, judging by its popularity, but it was also ALL MATTE. Speaking as someone who prefers matte shadows, I can tell you that this is a rarity.

Then, Tarte hits us with not just one, but TWO new palettes. Tartelette In Bloom is the same format and number of pans as the original, but with more warm tones and a few shimmery ones to boot. Again, LOVE.

712Photo courtesy of

The second palette they introduced is why I’m writing today. I loved the above palettes, but we don’t always have the space, cash, or patience to deal with a 12-pan palette. I get it. I won’t eyeshadow shame you.

So that’s why I was ecstatic when Tarte released it’s mini, 6-pan, Tartelette Tease palette.

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It’s super cute and small, fitting easily in a pocket and making it great for travel. While there there isn’t a huge range of looks this palette can offer, it gives you a nice selection of warm pinks that are great for day looks. It’s honestly a little more appropriate for summer, but, since I’m going to a warm climate in a month or so, this is perfect for my trip!

Here are swatches on my fair, neutral-toned skin for your viewing pleasure. Excuse my mole… MOLEY MOLEY MOLEY *self five for tacky and outdated Austin Power reference*


FYI, these shadows are SUPER soft. Probably TOO soft. Be very gentle when picking up color with your brush. No need to use force. Also, these shadows will wear away far faster than other shadows. Be forewarned.

If you DO want to still grab this baby, uou can pick it up on Tarte’s website or at Macy’s, Ulta, and Sephora.

9 thoughts on “REVIEW: Tarte’s Tartelette Tease Palette

      1. Oh yeah! Unfortunately, in Ukraine many beauty brands are absent and those which are available – are selling at very high prices D: When I tavel abroad I always try to pick up everything I need or want in Sephora or Duty Free.

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  1. I totally still make that Moley Moley Moley joke… in fact I did it recently when a coworker said she’d gotten a mole removed. I have no class. 😛
    This palette looks like a great alternative to the crazy shimmery mess that is UD Naked 1!

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    1. Omg that palette is a shimmery shit show! Haha. This is more brown than I was expecting, but still very nice! The shadows are so soft and buttery, though, I doubt this palette will last long. But…. #WorthIt!


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