(Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and not reflective of any organizations with which I may be employed or otherwise affiliated. Any articles written for compensation will be labeled as such, but I will always be 100% honest in my opinions.)

Before I began my foray into beauty, I received my Bachelor’s in Neuroscience and Studio Arts and was about to embark on a career in medicine. After realizing that my true career passion had been in beauty all along, however, I turned down med school (#sorrynotsorry) and moved to NYC to follow my dream (cue me spinning in the street á la That Girl). That’s when this blog was born. I’ve been fascinated by beauty since I can remember. When a well-meaning, albeit uninformed friend would gift my tomboy mom makeup or skincare, I couldn’t wait for her to pass it along to me. Six years old and not a wrinkle in sight, I still slathered my face in samples of anti-aging creams and spent hours practicing putting on eyeliner in the bathroom (despite the fact that I wasn’t allowed to wear it out of the house yet).

My interest in beauty led me to intensely research products, ingredients, and journal articles to investigate what made each product so different. Since beginning this blog, I’ve earned my MBA and spent time working with various beauty companies throughout NYC.

Those who visit my blog seek to learn, laugh, and leave feeling more informed than when they started. I seek to answer questions more advanced blogs skip over and deem too “basic” or “simple.” Everyone says there are no stupid questions, but not everyone seems to respect this adage. I not only ask those stupid questions, but I also aim to answer them in an intellectual and helpful way so that my audience can build a solid, base of knowledge and grow from there.

Cutting through the clutter and differing opinions, I’m here to offer commentary and education. Plus a few laughs.

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