REVIEW: Tarte’s Tartelette Tease Palette

Let me start off by saying that I have been IN LOVE with Tarte’s Tartelette Collection since I first laid eyes on the OG Tartelette palette. Photo courtesy of Not only were the colors some of my faves (and clearly everyone else’s too, judging by its popularity, but it was also ALL MATTE. Speaking as someone who prefers matte shadows, I can tell you … Continue reading REVIEW: Tarte’s Tartelette Tease Palette

Lux Holiday Gift Sets for 2015

Thanksgiving is over, and you know what that means? Holiday shopping is officially in full swing. Since Halloween, though, retailers have been unveiling some spectacularly splendid gift sets. While holidays are a time to give and get presents you often wouldn’t purchase on a typical day… there are some gifts that are so lux, even the holidays can’t really excuse dropping that much dough. But, … Continue reading Lux Holiday Gift Sets for 2015

A PSA on Undertones

Open any beauty magazine or read any beauty blog and you’ll likely see an article on undertones. Warm, cool, neutral, warm-neutral, cool-neutral. It’s insane. There are a list of tips and tricks to figuring out your skin tone that range from looking at the color of your veins to wearing a white T-shirt in front of a mirror. I even wrote an article breaking down … Continue reading A PSA on Undertones

Birchbox’s Big Makeup Line is Tiny

While many of us love buying beauty products, we DON’T love shelling out boatloads of cash for a product we’ll either A) Never finish, or B) Are forced to wear every single day for 8 months until we have. This makes makeup not fun, and it makes us not inclined to try new products. Ya, stores have great return policies, but what if I like … Continue reading Birchbox’s Big Makeup Line is Tiny

‘Hashtag’: The Makeup Store for Instagram-Famous Brands

Instagram has made many makeup artists famous, and it has also given many boutique brands a platform to show off their products. As I mentioned in a previous post, the makeup and haircare retailer, Ricky’s NYC, was opening a new location in NYC that focuses on makeup brands featured by bloggers on Instagram. It’s finally open! I made the pilgrimage and wanted to share the … Continue reading ‘Hashtag’: The Makeup Store for Instagram-Famous Brands

Fall & Holiday 2015 Beauty Breakdown

Fall is upon us, as the Starbucks PSL will attest. The crunching leaves and cooler weather are an excuse to buy some new, snazzy products to live this season right! Dark lips, pale blush, jewel tones. These are all particularly trendy in the fall and winter months. The holidays are in the distant horizon, and that means brands are preparing to roll out their biggest … Continue reading Fall & Holiday 2015 Beauty Breakdown

The Vlogger ‘Flawless’ Fad is Getting Old

Whether it be beauty blogs, vlogs, or Instagram accounts, makeup artists and enthusiasts all appear to be gravitating to the same style of makeup. You know it: the overly-perfect eyebrows lined in concealer and sharpened to a point, the overly-plump, Kylie Jenner pout, and the black cat eye with varying eye shadow colors, framed by super-long false lashes. Apply. Snap. Repeat. Frankly, its a tad … Continue reading The Vlogger ‘Flawless’ Fad is Getting Old

Beauty Brands on Instagram You Need to Know

The world of beauty can be pretty intimidating for those who haven’t spent years fawning over the latest products, techniques, and pros in the biz. It can be so intimidating that it puts some people off from even venturing into the wondrous world that is cosmetics. gif courtesy of Instagram can be especially daunting, because the hundreds of thousands of photos within it often … Continue reading Beauty Brands on Instagram You Need to Know

Makeup Tips for Girls Who Wear Glasses

“Guys don’t passes at girls who wear glasses.” – Dorothy Parker Ms. Parker’s pithy rhyme might have been true in her days, but a lot has changed since then. No longer are glasses a sign of eternal dorkdom. Glasses are now an extension by which women and men can express their personal style. Thick, horn-rimmed, hipster specs. Sleek, stainless-steel frames. The world is your 20:20 … Continue reading Makeup Tips for Girls Who Wear Glasses

Wake & Bake: “Baking” Your Concealer

Baking. Nope, there are no cookies, cakes, or blunts involved. Baking is the new/old makeup technique that’s being thrown around, because, clearly, strobing is sooo yesterday *hair flip*. It’s new for the general public, but it’s been a technique used by drag queens and other stage performers for a solid chunk of time. The concept of baking allows for your concealer to appear more opaque … Continue reading Wake & Bake: “Baking” Your Concealer