Cystic Acne Smasher

At first, I thought I was lucky. I was fortunate enough to go through all of my formative years sans acne. Yep. Aside from the occasional volcanic eruption on my face (and my naturally large pores), I was pretty clear-faced. Fast forward to 23. All of a sudden, deep, painful bumps started planting themselves all over my face. Not just my face either. I had them … Continue reading Cystic Acne Smasher

REVIEW: Better (and cheaper) than GlamGlow

If you’re a girl with pore issues like myself you’ve probably already tried (and fell in love with) GlamGlow’s Super Mud Clearing Treatment. This stuff is great because it packs a load of effective ingredients to degunk your pores. GlamGlow’s Super Mud (aka the one in the white jar) exfoliates with a slew of acids of both the BHA and AHA varieties, meaning it can get … Continue reading REVIEW: Better (and cheaper) than GlamGlow

Major DON’Ts for the Acne-Prone

Using Face Scrubs First, I will say that those with ONLY blackheads can use a scrub or physical exfoliant and be all right (although you should go easy!). Those of you with whiteheads, however, should stay far away from scrubs. Your whiteheads are tiny little surface infections, and you don’t want harsh grit tugging and tearing at this inflamed, sensitive skin. Sorry, but you’re going … Continue reading Major DON’Ts for the Acne-Prone

Oily Skin: Myths & Damn Dirty Lies

I have oily skin, so I don’t need to use moisturizer. You may have already read that this is soooo NOT the case. Weird, though, I know. While you may have oily skin, trying to eradicate all of that oil can lead to some bad side effects. Harsh products filled with high concentrations of salicylic acid, clay, and/or sulfur will suck up the pore-clogging oil … Continue reading Oily Skin: Myths & Damn Dirty Lies

The Basics of Treating Acne

Ah acne. The bane of our existence. Even if you miraculously avoided it in high school, it can rear its ugly head and develop it later on in life. What fun. While it’s embarrassing in our youth, it’s expected. What’s not expected is to see a fully-grown adult plastered with pimples and pockmarks. Whether you’ve been battling this since you were wearing choker necklaces and … Continue reading The Basics of Treating Acne

A “Peel” By Any Other Name Would Still Be Awesome

Admittedly, the term “peel” is rather frightening. Who in their right mind would want to do something to your skin that would make it PEEL? Nevermind PAY for it! Well, ladies, that’s probably because it doesn’t make your face peel. I mean, think about it. Would thousands of women from around the globe be doing this if it really melted your face off like that guy … Continue reading A “Peel” By Any Other Name Would Still Be Awesome

A Complete Guide to A Complete Skincare Regimen (All Steps not Required!)

Skincare Routine 1) Double Cleanse: First Cleanse You might be thinking, wait, first? I have to cleanse more than once? Frankly, yes. Yes you do. This is the concept of Double Cleansing, which you may or may not have heard of. Double cleansing is a way of cleansing your face twice to ensure that all dirt, oil, and makeup have been removed. It’s not just … Continue reading A Complete Guide to A Complete Skincare Regimen (All Steps not Required!)

Double Cleansing: Why Everyone Should Be Doing it!

Double cleansing. Heard of it? Yes, no, maybe so? It’s nothing fancy. In fact, it’s literally exactly what it sounds like. Washing your face not just once but twice. You might be thinking, why would I need to clean my face if I just cleaned it? This is more for the ladies in the house who wear makeup. If you slather on some makeup remover … Continue reading Double Cleansing: Why Everyone Should Be Doing it!

Skincare for Oily/Acne Prone Skin

Whether you have enough oil to rival the BP spill, enlarged pores, blackheads, or straight up acne, you need to follow a routine that has products catered to your skincare concerns. Luckily, all of these issues can be addressed with some similar ingredients. Read on to learn more about how you can clear up your skin on a daily basis. Cleanser: You want a cleanser … Continue reading Skincare for Oily/Acne Prone Skin

Prime(r) Time

Face, eyelid, lash, and lip primers. Oh my! From my experience, I find a lot of women aren’t quite sure what to do with al these primers. Do I really need them? What do they do? Which one should I choose? As primers are a “relatively” new concept to many, it’s completely understandable that these foreign things might first seem like a mere gimmick brought … Continue reading Prime(r) Time