Lux Holiday Gift Sets for 2015

Thanksgiving is over, and you know what that means? Holiday shopping is officially in full swing. Since Halloween, though, retailers have been unveiling some spectacularly splendid gift sets. While holidays are a time to give and get presents you often wouldn’t purchase on a typical day… there are some gifts that are so lux, even the holidays can’t really excuse dropping that much dough. But, … Continue reading Lux Holiday Gift Sets for 2015

REVIEW: Fresh’s Sugar Lip Treatments, One Caveat You Should Know

Almost everyone has heard of Fresh’s Sugar Lip Treatment. It comes in a splendorous array of colors, ranging from a kiss of tint to bright, bold hues. They feel like butter on your lips and shield your delicate pout from the harsh rays of the sun. Let’s just say, there’s a reason these babies fly off the shelves. There is, however, a word of caution … Continue reading REVIEW: Fresh’s Sugar Lip Treatments, One Caveat You Should Know

Double Cleansing Confusion

Interested in double cleansing? You should be. Read here to get the whole scoop. If you’re already a practitioner or looking to be, I wanted to clear up something that had caused me a bit of confusion. For double cleansing, they say (ah, the enigmatic “they”) to use a cleansing oil. But what about cleansing balms? Cleansing milks? Those are written about everywhere nowadays (wow, … Continue reading Double Cleansing Confusion