Our Dirty, Little, Makeup Brush Secret

By now, most of us know that charcoal is renowned for its ability to suck up impurities. It’s in face masks, moisturizers, and even makeup. The porous “magnetic” like qualities of charcoal allow it to suck up oxidative agents on the skin’s surface, such as those from pollution. Oxidative agents are essentially chemicals that cause unwanted chemical reactions on the skin that can lead to … Continue reading Our Dirty, Little, Makeup Brush Secret

‘Hashtag’: The Makeup Store for Instagram-Famous Brands

Instagram has made many makeup artists famous, and it has also given many boutique brands a platform to show off their products. As I mentioned in a previous post, the makeup and haircare retailer, Ricky’s NYC, was opening a new location in NYC that focuses on makeup brands featured by bloggers on Instagram. It’s finally open! I made the pilgrimage and wanted to share the … Continue reading ‘Hashtag’: The Makeup Store for Instagram-Famous Brands

Beauty Picks for Spring ’15

Spring is in the air… or we hope it will be soon anyway. To kick off season and prepare us for all the makeup and skincare needs we’ll have for the hot summer months, brands are rolling out their newest products. Here are a few special ones I can’t wait to get my hands on! Drunk Elephant Skincare Umbra Sheer Physical Defense Sunscreen Photo courtesy … Continue reading Beauty Picks for Spring ’15