Double Cleansing Confusion

Interested in double cleansing? You should be. Read here to get the whole scoop. If you’re already a practitioner or looking to be, I wanted to clear up something that had caused me a bit of confusion. For double cleansing, they say (ah, the enigmatic “they”) to use a cleansing oil. But what about cleansing balms? Cleansing milks? Those are written about everywhere nowadays (wow, … Continue reading Double Cleansing Confusion

Double Cleansing: Why Everyone Should Be Doing it!

Double cleansing. Heard of it? Yes, no, maybe so? It’s nothing fancy. In fact, it’s literally exactly what it sounds like. Washing your face not just once but twice. You might be thinking, why would I need to clean my face if I just cleaned it? This is more for the ladies in the house who wear makeup. If you slather on some makeup remover … Continue reading Double Cleansing: Why Everyone Should Be Doing it!

The Opposite of Makeup: The Basics of Skincare

We take special attention to carefully apply our makeup. Foundation, blush, shadow, mascara etc. What about when it’s time to hit the sac? gif courtesy of Please, Lord baby Jesus, tell me you don’t sleep in your makeup on a regular basis. Once in a drunken blue moon, it’s bound to happen. Sure. If you commit this beauty crime frequently, however, your makeup will … Continue reading The Opposite of Makeup: The Basics of Skincare

Skincare for Oily/Acne Prone Skin

Whether you have enough oil to rival the BP spill, enlarged pores, blackheads, or straight up acne, you need to follow a routine that has products catered to your skincare concerns. Luckily, all of these issues can be addressed with some similar ingredients. Read on to learn more about how you can clear up your skin on a daily basis. Cleanser: You want a cleanser … Continue reading Skincare for Oily/Acne Prone Skin