The “Natural” Sunscreen Debate

While we might be in the throws of winter, we all know that sunscreen is STILL a must. The sun’s rays might not burn you like they can in the summer, but they still cause skin damage that can lead to dry, unhealthy skin and even cancer. Don’t slowly evolve into a leather handbag and then have to spend thousands on cosmetic and dermatological procedures, … Continue reading The “Natural” Sunscreen Debate

Preservative-Free Product Pitfalls

Preservative has become a dirty word. The compounds that were once added to manufactured goods so they could last longer on the shelf and in your home have become an invasive species that we want eliminated entirely. Good, bad, or neutral. Brands have already begun popping up, touting their preservative-free lines. The problem is, a preservative-free beauty routine might not be entirely possible. Nuori is … Continue reading Preservative-Free Product Pitfalls

Time to Brush Up: The Deal with Makeup Brushes

It can be tough sorting through the hundreds of different makeup brushes out there. Here’s a guide describing the brushes you’ll need based on what you’re using them for, as well as a a description of brushes you might be totally clueless about! Synthetic Hair versus Natural Hair Brushes: Bet you didn’t even know about this, but, yes, you do. It might be difficult to … Continue reading Time to Brush Up: The Deal with Makeup Brushes