Erno Laszlo: Double Cleanse for the 21st Century

The name Erno Laszlo isn’t one with which everyone is familiar. Your grandmom or mom have probably heard of it, or even aspired to use his luxurious skin-coddling products as they watched the likes of Audrey Hepburn extol his virtues. Audrey Hepburn? Oh ya, girl. She was one of the famous women who swore their beautiful skin was credited to Erno Laszlo and his products. If … Continue reading Erno Laszlo: Double Cleanse for the 21st Century

Oily Skin: Myths & Damn Dirty Lies

I have oily skin, so I don’t need to use moisturizer. You may have already read that this is soooo NOT the case. Weird, though, I know. While you may have oily skin, trying to eradicate all of that oil can lead to some bad side effects. Harsh products filled with high concentrations of salicylic acid, clay, and/or sulfur will suck up the pore-clogging oil … Continue reading Oily Skin: Myths & Damn Dirty Lies

The Basics of Treating Acne

Ah acne. The bane of our existence. Even if you miraculously avoided it in high school, it can rear its ugly head and develop it later on in life. What fun. While it’s embarrassing in our youth, it’s expected. What’s not expected is to see a fully-grown adult plastered with pimples and pockmarks. Whether you’ve been battling this since you were wearing choker necklaces and … Continue reading The Basics of Treating Acne

Fluid Foundations: Your Summer Swap

We can all feel summer beginning to flood into our respective cities. New York is bright, warm, and sunny. I’m starting to see sandals and sundresses. With this change in weather, we need to also prepare for the hot, sticky, sweaty mess we all turn into when we’re frolicking beneath the summer sun. I just bought my first one, and I am thrilled. Dior’s Nude … Continue reading Fluid Foundations: Your Summer Swap

What the Hell the with the Gel?: Gel-Based Lipsticks

There are a plethora of options for lip color out there. Read my article, Not Just Lipstick Anymore, if you want to know what I mean. More recently, you may have been noticing an influx in the market of lipsticks labeled as “gel” formulas. Gel? What does that mean? Does it come in a pot instead of a tube? Do I have to use it … Continue reading What the Hell the with the Gel?: Gel-Based Lipsticks

Coconut Oil: A How-To Guide

I’m sure you’re well aware of all the articles, celebs, and style gurus gushing about the wonders of coconut oil. They’re all ranting and raving. What I noticed, however, was no one is explaining exactly HOW to use this “holy grail” of beauty products. I ran into a few roadblocks on my path towards coconut heaven, and I wanted to share those with you! gif … Continue reading Coconut Oil: A How-To Guide

How to Get Foundation to Stick on Oily Skin

Listen up, oily-skinned ladies. Can you not wear foundation, because it cakes up as your oil seeps out of your skin throughout the day? Has no foundation, primer, or combination of both been able to keep the grease-beast under control? I know this was me for years, and I worked in beauty! I’ve got your solution, and it’s something I guarantee you have already. Blotting … Continue reading How to Get Foundation to Stick on Oily Skin

A “Peel” By Any Other Name Would Still Be Awesome

Admittedly, the term “peel” is rather frightening. Who in their right mind would want to do something to your skin that would make it PEEL? Nevermind PAY for it! Well, ladies, that’s probably because it doesn’t make your face peel. I mean, think about it. Would thousands of women from around the globe be doing this if it really melted your face off like that guy … Continue reading A “Peel” By Any Other Name Would Still Be Awesome

Double Cleansing Confusion

Interested in double cleansing? You should be. Read here to get the whole scoop. If you’re already a practitioner or looking to be, I wanted to clear up something that had caused me a bit of confusion. For double cleansing, they say (ah, the enigmatic “they”) to use a cleansing oil. But what about cleansing balms? Cleansing milks? Those are written about everywhere nowadays (wow, … Continue reading Double Cleansing Confusion

Marijuana for your skin?

Elle magazine published an article yesterday about the newest trend in skincare. Marijuana. Yep, you read that right. Apparently good ‘ole Maryjane’s THC (aka the compound that makes you high) also acts as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant (I’m sure that’s why Willie Nelson uses it, right?). Before you buy a ticket to Colorado and start whacking yourself in the face with pot leaves, you are apparently supposed … Continue reading Marijuana for your skin?