Curly Hair: The Complicated Basics

If you’ve taken a gander over at my makeup gallery or my Instagram feed (@brokendownbeauty), you’ve probably noticed that I got them curly, whirly, twirly locks. It takes a lot of time and effort to tame that beast, and, truth be told, it’s still a pretty feral one. I haven’t always been a curly girl, though. My fuzzy, wavy hair developed into full-fledged curls as I … Continue reading Curly Hair: The Complicated Basics

Major DON’Ts for the Acne-Prone

Using Face Scrubs First, I will say that those with ONLY blackheads can use a scrub or physical exfoliant and be all right (although you should go easy!). Those of you with whiteheads, however, should stay far away from scrubs. Your whiteheads are tiny little surface infections, and you don’t want harsh grit tugging and tearing at this inflamed, sensitive skin. Sorry, but you’re going … Continue reading Major DON’Ts for the Acne-Prone

Hydration for Hibernation Weather

Perhaps you already feel the bitter cold of winter wind, or maybe you’re just preparing for when it does come. Don’t let the biting cold and heating units dry out and aggravate your skin. You need to alter your skincare routine to adjust to these changing conditions in the weather. Switch to more creamy, hydrating formulas. Even if you’re breakout prone, you need to introduce … Continue reading Hydration for Hibernation Weather

Double Cleansing: Why Everyone Should Be Doing it!

Double cleansing. Heard of it? Yes, no, maybe so? It’s nothing fancy. In fact, it’s literally exactly what it sounds like. Washing your face not just once but twice. You might be thinking, why would I need to clean my face if I just cleaned it? This is more for the ladies in the house who wear makeup. If you slather on some makeup remover … Continue reading Double Cleansing: Why Everyone Should Be Doing it!