Newest Beauty App: Plum Perfect

Ever had your Color IQ determined at Sephora? If not, then you totally should. It’s an awesome tool that takes pictures of your skin and tells you all of your perfect foundation matches out of all of their 1,200+ foundations. Insane! It only works for foundation, though. Photo courtesy of A new app (which, by the way, is indeed FREE) called Plum Perfect seeks to … Continue reading Newest Beauty App: Plum Perfect

Prime(r) Time

Face, eyelid, lash, and lip primers. Oh my! From my experience, I find a lot of women aren’t quite sure what to do with al these primers. Do I really need them? What do they do? Which one should I choose? As primers are a “relatively” new concept to many, it’s completely understandable that these foreign things might first seem like a mere gimmick brought … Continue reading Prime(r) Time