When to Go WITH or AGAINST your undertones

With fall hitting us on the East coast like a ton of wonderful, orange & red, cozy, pumpkin-spice-scented bricks, the colors we’re wearing have never been more apparent. Our skin is looking paler, there’s less bright sun, and the dark, overcast days are casting a gray light on all of us. It’s super important that we wear colors that complement and flatter our undertones, but … Continue reading When to Go WITH or AGAINST your undertones

A PSA on Undertones

Open any beauty magazine or read any beauty blog and you’ll likely see an article on undertones. Warm, cool, neutral, warm-neutral, cool-neutral. It’s insane. There are a list of tips and tricks to figuring out your skin tone that range from looking at the color of your veins to wearing a white T-shirt in front of a mirror. I even wrote an article breaking down … Continue reading A PSA on Undertones

Tone is Everything… SKIN Tone, I mean

Ever wonder why two lipstick shades that look nearly the same actually look very different on you. One makes you look like Taylor Swift, and the other makes you look like this: Photo courtesy of nowmagazine.co.uk  It’s because their undertones are different. When you wear a lipstick, eyeshadow, blush, or even sweater that has different undertones than your skin, it can look off. Sometimes it … Continue reading Tone is Everything… SKIN Tone, I mean